Monday, March 14, 2011

Mermaid's Breakfast Transition

Here is my working progress for this piece. From right to left. I started with the pencil rough, orange and grey lead. Then in the computer I did a bunch of quick color treatments. I decided on a palette. I then photocopied my pencil sketch up to A3 and transferred it to Watercolor paper (stretched on a board) with my variation on the tracing paper technique. I inkied up all the lineowork with a slighlty brown blue ink. Then using my watercolor I just used flood fill and voilĂ 

Mermaid's Breakfast

OK, here's my finished piece for the...
“ California Screamin’ Downunder 2”
Art Competition and Exhibition
Sunday April 3rd to April 17th
Kustom Lane Gallery
8 Luton Lane, Hawthorn 3122

It has taken me about 2 weeks of solid work to get it to this stage. I had the idea early in the year. Painted using many layers of water color and inks for the linework. I'd done a number of preliminary sketches and color treatments prior to get it right.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Pretty Little Thing

Here's my latest watercolor and Ink painting/drawing. This one is of my wife.